Alice Hlidkova

About the author
Alice Hlidkova was born in Czechoslovakia and moved to New York City after the Velvet Revolution of 1989. She began writing when she was young, and became a self-taught journalist, writing at a local newspaper in Lebanon. She joined the protests during the Arab Spring and even traveled to Iraq during the war. Her curious eventually led her to explore the tech space, first as a grad student at a very nerdy school and later as a cofounder of a startup. Her self-help book, You Screwed Up! explores business mistakes and basic lessons that help entrepreneurs grow. This led her to write an inspirational journal for women, Fly My Lady. She also writes fiction that blends modern-day struggles of women and female heroism. Pretty Girl Complex explores complicated relationships and surrogacy. Her stories, though often raw and moving, are inspired by true events. She splits her time between NYC and Zurich.


Dear reader,

The gratitude I have for you reading my work is immeasurable. With your support, I will continue to write and publish new novels for years to come.