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London Fintech Week 2019

United Kingdom

Platon Finance Corporate HQ Launch

Czech Republic

Who is Alice?

I am a writer, international media personality, marketing influencer,
financial technology adviser, and women in technology spokeswoman.

In London, I launched a media and consulting agency to advocate for
women in tech and the adoption of blockchain and virtual “crypto” currencies.

I am a journalist and an author at heart, who loves enterprising and bringing
innovative ideas to the market. Nowadays, I write copy for software companies
and pursue my personal interests in creative writing.

I split my time between NYC and Switzerland.

My books are available for purchase on Amazon! Want to get in touch?

Drop me a message on LinkedIn or send me an email. I would love to hear from you!


Women are the future of new economies.
Yet they remain one of the most underutilized resource.
Technology has the ability to change that.

Alice Hlidkova – Founder, Through the Changing Glass LLC.


“I truly admire how impactful all your work has been. It isn’t often that I find other women in the space who have founded blockchain companies in that area. ”

-A.K. Intern, U.S. House of Representatives

“I appreciate your videos, unique topics and blockchain enthusiasm ”

– Ron Corbett, Founder at SatoshiConomy

I read your posts and listen to your interviews. I am thoroughly following you as you educate the market about the crypto world. You are doing Yeoman’s work..KUDOS to you. 

I’m humbled by your wonderful support Alice Hlidkova. You are such a powerful woman making a significant difference through your promotion and push for other women! A rare diamond thank you for all you do! 

Michelle Chivunga N., British Blockchain Association

“Your company is an accredited and highly respected quality news & media agency within the technology sector… You are a huge advocate for women-led enterprise.”

– Lisa Short, Founder of Mind Shifting (Advancing Frontier Technologies)

Fintech Worldwide is delighted to partner with Alice Hlidkova for London Fintech Week 2019. Your dynamic and growing company represents cutting-edge media and will give our speakers and sponsors access to a global audience. Hats off to you and thank you for your support of #womeninblockchain! Keep on forging.

– Dr. Jane Thomason, founder of Fintech Worldwide (London Fintech Week conference series)

You’ve brought wonderful content, insight and clarity to this market. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings.


“Let someone else tell you ‘no,’
which only means you are doing
the right thing.”

Alice Hlidkova – Advocate for Female Entrepreneurs

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